Cake Show Istanbul - Turkey

The first and only live cake show in Turkey for cake decorators, home bakers and food lovers around the world

Location: Gayrettepe Mahallesi, Prof. Dr. Bülent Tarcan Sokak No:3, 34349 Şişli/Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

Dates: May 13 - May 14, 2017


If you have a passion for cake & cookie decorating, baking, chocolate or just love cakes then you’ll love Cake Show Istanbul. 

Learn new skills and techniques, baking advice, stock up on the latest supplies, hands-on workshops and much more.

Here is what you can see at Cake Show Istanbul

Cake Arts

View the hundreds of fantastic novelty cakes,wedding cakes, and some of the most artistic sugarcraft from international and local competitors on the two days of the show.

No matter your skill level or age, you can enter the competiton at the Cake Show Istanbul. 


There’s a range of opportunities for you to learn new techniques at Cake Show Istanbul.  Hands-on classes where you will learn new cake decorating techniques and get to take home your creation. 
From beginner to advanced, you’ll find something perfect for you.


There are a number of free demos such as cake business, cake science, baking tips, sugar craft and more, all featuring 45 minute demonstrations on the hour. 


You can discover and shop for the latest in baking and cake decorating supplies, tools, classes appliances and much more in the Cake Show Istanbul.

See you at the Cake Show İstanbul !

Wedding cake contest

  1. This competition is open to all adults over the age of 18.
  2. There is no theme. Each competitor has the freedom to create a fabulous, romantic, innovative, cake. 
  4.  Participants will chose and design concept determined concepts must be previously unpublished nowhere and participate in any competitions. If it is understood that the design belongs to another pastry artist, the jury unconditionally has right to; disqualification or break the point. 
  5. You may enter cake or Styrofoam dummies. But must be use edible materials in the decoration. If cakes made with inedible materials, cake may be exhibited but not evaluated. 
  6. Design ideas can be wide open but must not be copied. An image of your inspiration must be provided for the judges to see.
  7. The wedding cake must be at least three (3) tiers and a minimum of 50 cm high from the base of the cake including the topper. Stands and platforms beneath the cake are not included in the overall measurement. If a topper is included, this will be included in the overall height requirement.  All flowers, if any, must be handmade. 
  8. The base of the cake can be max 50x50 cm and there is no height limit. Decorative presentations (trays, mirrors, covers etc.) should be included in this measurement.
  9. Cakes will be on public display throughout the weekend. While all possible precautions will be taken, Cake Show Istanbul will not be responsible for any loss or damage during that time. Any expensive or irreplaceable table decorations used will be the sole responsibility of the entrant. If the table cover is damaged during the exhibition, the exhibitor will be charged $20.
  10. A panel of judges will judge each display on its own merit based on a 100-point system.  Each display will be awarded either a Gold, Silver, Bronze Certificate based on the following scores: 

    Gold Certificate 90 points or more 
    Silver Certificate 75 – 89 points 
    Bronze Certificate 65-74 points

    If more than one display receives a gold Certificate, Grand Prize will be awarded to the display with the highest number of points. In case of ties, the Judges will reevaluate the displays in question in order to break the tie.
  11. Cakes are judged on appearance only, not on the flavor of the cake except for the baking division of the Cake Show Istanbul

Cakes will be judged on the following criteria.  

  • Neatness of cake covering and decoration
  • Originality and Creativity, 
  • Skill 
  • Choice of colors appropriate to design,
  • Interpretation of Theme,
  • Proportion, consistency, balance
  • Difficulty of techniques used,
  • Overall appearance

Competition class


Any basic shape single or two tier cake with a theme such a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Graduation, etc.  Any sugar media or techniques may be used. Styrofoam Dummies  may be used. A minimum of 12 letters/numbers Celebration message must have included.To fit within an overall width of 35x35cm.


Entries must be shaped or carved real cakes. Must display 3 in-progress pictures showing the cake carving alongside of the entry. Use of internal supports and/or armatures to support or create the shape are not allowed. To fit within an overall width of 50x50cm.


Any creative, tiered and 3D design cake. Use of internal supports and/or armatures to support or create the shape are allowed. Fondant, chocolate modeling, chocolate, marzipan, pastillage and gum paste can be used. Strafor can be used. No height limitation.To fit within an overall width of50cm.


Max. 3 people team work will prepare artistic designs according to the determined theme. The design will be judged by the jury according to the visual impact and innovative ideas that the degree of difficulty and handwork. Internal support material, wire, styrofoam can be used in the construction. Sugar dough, royal icing, modeling dough, chocolate, marzipan, pastillage, oil cream, gelatin, isomalt, gumpaste, edible paper can be used. Max display area is 70x70cm and there is no height limit. 

You have to write your TEAM NAME on the competition registration form.

Competition theme :  Fantastic World         

It could be objects of people, animals, perils, flowers; totally according to participants imagination and creativity. Characters and design must be created by participants imagination, therefor must be different from the reality. There is no creativity limit.


Any creative Small 3D designs. Use of internal supports and/or armatures to support or create the shape are allowed. Fondant, chocolate modeling, chocolate, marzipan, pastillage and gum paste can be used. Strafor can be used. To fit within an overall width of 30x30cm.


 Construction of a composition containing a minimum of 9 flowers complete with leaves. Wires, stamens are allowed.Additional presentation materials can be used such as Vaze, basket etc. To fit within an overall width of30cm.


Entries must be actual cupcakes decorated with any edible medium. At least six (12) cupcakes must be included in the entry.  The display must contain 2 different decorating styles and tastes 2 (2 cupcakes for taste / decoration). At the discretion of the jury, will be able to sample a cupcake. To fit within an overall width of 40cm.


Entries must be actual cookies decorated with any edible medium. At least six (6) cookies must be included in the entry. To fit within an overall width of 40cm.

I - (13 - 17) TEENAGE

Any basic shape single tier cake with any theme . Any sugar media or techniques may be used. Styrofoam Dummies  may be used.  To fit within an overall width of 40cm.

J : ( 12 and under ) YOUTH  

Any basic shape single tier cake or cookies with any theme . Any sugar media may be used. Styrofoam Dummies  may be used.  To fit within an overall width of 40cm.. At least six (6) cookies must be included in the entry.

1) Parents are allowed to bake cakes and prepare icing only.
2) Youth must color icing and complete all decorations.
3) Both parent and youth must sign entry forms signifying that they have read these rules and will abide by them.

It is cake pops, macarons, meringue, almond paste, marshmallows and chocolate. It can be participate with only one kind of product. Could be selected any kind of desired display stand. Max display area is 30x30cm and there is no height limit. If the jury would like, could sample the taste.

Rules & regulations​​

  • Cake Show Istanbul's Competition is open to all cake decorating and sugar art enthusiasts. 
  • Registration are limited to 200 entry.  All registrations must be completed online through the website. No registrations will be accepted onsite. 
  • All exhibitors/competitors must sign at the front desk upon arrival when dropping off their exhibits. You will be allocated a place on the competition table to set up your cake. 
  • Competition registration includes general admission to the show for the weekend for the competitor. 

Entry & Payment Deadline :  April 21, 2017

(No registration of entries will be accepted after this time. There will be NO onsite registration)

Entry Fees

Upon delivery of your cake at the show, you will receive an official competitor’s badge. This must be worn throughout the show and will entitle you (the competitor only) to free entry to the show for all two days. Entry fees are nonrefundable.

Early Registration 

  • Deadline               : April 4, 2017
  • Early Bird Special : $ 15
  • Wedding Cake      : $ 20


  • Entry Fee            : $20
  • Youth & Teen      : $ 8 per entry
  • Wedding Cake   : $25
  • Tasting               : $10

Competition Rules

1.Only one entry is allowable per person in each class. However, you may enter as many classes as you wish. 

2. Competition entries must be the sole work of the entrant. This generally includes "Youth/Teen" divisional entries, with the following exceptions. For all youth 12 years of age and under, note the following additional rules. 

  • Parents are allowed to bake cakes and prepare icing only. 
  • Youth must color icing and complete all decorations. 
  • Both parent and youth must sign entry forms signifying that they have read these rules and will abide by them.

3. Real cakes or cake dummies are acceptable. Entries using cake dummies must be reproducible in cake form. Do not use glue or any other items you would not use on real cake to secure your decorations. If using non-edible items, such as toothpicks and wires, make sure they are not inserted directly into the cake.

4. Sculpted cakes must be made and presented in real cake; submission of at least two in-progress photos is required for sculpted cakes.  

5. Wires must not penetrate cake surface at any time (wires must be covered or picks used) 

6. Manufactured ornaments, pins, jewelry  or flowers are not permitted.

7. No allowed computer edible icing images. Patterns printed onto wafer paper are allowable 

8. Cold Porcelain is not permittedUse of cold porcelain is not permitted.

9. Entries cannot have been previously exhibited or entered into any previous competition or show or shown on any form of social media prior to judging. 

10. Complete your Judges Prop Sheet and deliver it to the show with your competition entry piece.  The prop sheet provides information to the judges about what inspired you, what you were trying to achieve and how you made your cake. It contains as much information as possible about your cake, skills used, internal structure and the process you adopted to make your cake. 

11. Maximum presentation board size in categories is different and stated in that ###a href="" target="">class. Read classification notes. There is no height limit 12. The entrant may have assistance in setting up the display during check-in and setup time only; however, all work on the display must be the sole work of the entrant. Assistants who have not also entered a display in the show will be expected to pay the public admission fee for attending during general admission hours Saturday and Sunday.

13. While every precaution will be taken to ensure that your display is not touched and/or damaged, Cake Show Istanbul will not be liable for any loss or damage during the time of the show. 

Displays set up 

             May 12th Friday      : 4:00 PM- 8:00 PM
             May 13th Saturday  : 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM 

14. At the end of the setup period, all work must stop, and the display area will be cleared. Judging will commence promptly on time. Any entry not checked in and set up by the time judging starts may be displayed but will not be judged. Displays must remain on display until 5:00pm on the last day of the show. They may be picked up from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Any displays not picked up by 6:00 pm  the property of the Cake Show Istanbul  will be disposed 


Judging will be done by highly qualified judges.  The Judges decision is final and there will be no additional feedback once the show is closed. 

Judges and/or Show Committee have the right to disqualify entries showing poor taste or not adhering to the rules stated here.

When scoring your work, the judges use a number of criteria. These include but are not limited to: 

Entries will be judged on a 100-point scale :

  • neatness and precision;
  • use of color; 
  • attention to detail; 
  • degree of difficulty; 
  • creativity and originality; 
  • overall appearance. 


  • Competition entries will have a judges’ score sheet which will display marks awarded for each criteria. Score sheets will be placed next to your entry on Sunday May 13th before the start of the show.
  • Results are classified into different classifications. Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards are then allocated, together with Certificates of Merit 
  • One Best in Show winner will be awarded from all the 1st place winners from all divisions.
  • Visitors will be provided with ballots for the People’s Choice award.
  • Awards and prizes will be distributed during the Awards Ceremony. If you are not able to attend the Awards Ceremony, please arrange to have someone collect any prizes you may win. Prizes, ribbons, certificates, etc. will not be mailed.
  • Prizes will be distributed during the Awards Ceremony Sunday afternoon

Advertising & Photography 

  • Do not put any business name, advertisements or photos on your display. 
  • Advertising is available in the event program; contact the organizers for more information.  
  • By entering the competition, you understand that photographs of competition work may be used online or printed in publications and/or magazines.