Bakers Unite to Fight II (Public collab)

Bakers Unite to Fight II (Public collab)

So many of you have asked "how do I get asked into a collaboration"? Well here you go... the lovely Isabelle Tamargo and Zoe Fox are putting together an public collaboration which means it is open to anyone who would like to join. I think this is a fabulous idea and will be great for all to join and try to push your skills further than ever.

And I really mean that too, make sure you are giving the best piece you can, you never know who will see it or where it could take you. Collaborations are great for publicity so make sure you give yourself the best possibility of getting seen or picked up by a magazine. I can tell you so many magazines love to see new upcoming talent, that could be you. Don't be scared to go for it, we all had our very first collaboration at some point but remember to also have fun, you will meet so many other fabulous artists and make many new friends along the way. 

I do also believe the release date has been changed on this so if you are interested make sure you add yourself to the list here on, I cannot wait to see all the fabulous pieces that you all create!

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