My New Favorite thing - Excalibur Dehydrator!

This year for Mother's day I decided to spoil myself and I splurged on an Excalibur dehydrator and oh man was it worth it. I made 2 cakes this week and I used it for both cakes and it made my life so much easier and my drying time so minimal.  I decided to go with the bigger 9 tray version with timer but I think for just the average baker the smaller 4 tray would be just fine and that one runs around $100 US dollars. I chose the bigger one seeing as I teach and also host classes, this will allow me to put an entire classes work in it at a time or if you do a lot of flowers at one time I could see the larger one being a better buy for you, the bigger one runs closer to $250. I chose the white one as it actually ran cheaper than the black here is the link to the one I got Excalibur 3926TW Excalibur 3926TW 9 Tray Dehydrator with Timer White, 1, White

There are many different brands out there so don't feel I am just recommending this one however  the 2 other cake people I know that have one also have this brand and it is highly recommended on Amazon with a great rating with 81% of people giving it 5 stars. 

Now you will need space for it if you are thinking of getting one as they are quite large mine is 16 wide x 18 deep x 12 tall (inches). The only thing so far I see as a con to it is that it left marks on my piece from the tray lining. This is not that big a deal if you are only going to see one side of your piece but if you are going to see both sides then maybe put something else underneath it to stop getting the pattern off the tray. If any of you have one of these and can give any further advice on this then please make sure you comment on so as we can help others. 

But for me this is a great piece of equipment to have and I seriously cannot wait to use it more. Remember time is money, so to have something that can save you time is worth every dollar spent.