Collaboration Station

With so many collaborations now we cannot find every cake so if you would like to be seen here in the collaboration section of the Gazette could you please have the word "collaboration" in the heading of your piece and the title of the collaboration you are involved with! If you do not have these things we cannot guarantee we will see your cake. Also not every cake will get seen, we pick an array from across the board, sorry for those that don't get picked it does not mean your piece was not worthy.

"Around the world in Sugar" collaboration.

Around the World in Sugar is a group of Sugar Artists of all skill levels from around the world who have come together and produce a sugar collaboration.

Cirque des Gâteaux collaboration

Cirque des Gâteaux is an endeavor to push personal boundaries and extend creative freedom to it's limits. 
Presented to you by ACD and The Ribbon Shack

CPC Wizard of OZ collaboration

In 2016 the creative minds of cake decorators and sugar artists worldwide, came together to celebrate the 77th anniversary of this timeless and beloved classic.

Caker Buddies collaboration.

A collaboration based around Sitcoms from around the world.

Optical Illusion Collaboration

Welcome to an international collaboration, in which artists where tasked with creating their very own edible optical illusions!

Metamorhposis Collaboration

Just a small in group collaboration to have a little fun!

The Final Frontier collaboration

Artists from around the world come together in their love of the sugar arts and affinity for Star Trek, to celebrate 50 years of the extraordinary vision of the future created by Gene Roddenberry.