Cake Structure Electronic fondant dryer chamber review

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Hi Everyone!

To give you a little bit of background, Michael recently asked me if I would start writing a little product review column for the CakesDecor Gazette… I am so happy to take on this new challenge, and hope I can choose items that you will really enjoy hearing about, and also those which can be of great interest and help.

The first product I’ve chosen to review is this electronic fondant dryer chamber by Cake Structure, and sold by Cake Stuff.

Fondant dryer chamber by Cake Structure

Electronic fondant dryer

I bought this fondant dryer a few months ago to see if it would help when making roses, and flowers in general. In all, I wanted to help speed up the petal dying process, and I can’t emphasise enough how much I love this product! The dryer has two fans that circulate cold air throughout the chamber. It will dry any models, and even a whole shoe with a heel in a matter of hours. I have recently made a shoe and I was amazed at how solid the item felt after such a short period of time. The dryer is nice and compact in size, too. It comes with two removable shelves, so if you’re drying petals, for example, you can use both shelves. For larger models or a shoe, you can remove the top shelf and just use the lower shelf to allow for more height. Each shelf measures approximately 23.5 cm x 12 cm, and the interior of the chamber is 26 cm x 27 cm.

The body of the chamber is made of plastic sheets that come flat-packed - the body requires assembling. I’m not the best at assembling things, so was very grateful that my husband stepped in to help! The structure does feel slightly delicate, but satisfactorily performs its job. Fortunately, the dual-fan motor has a satisfying weighty feel, suggesting quality. The motor is both quiet and efficient. Also, I must add that it is extremely easy to use! The dryer doesn’t take up much room - I keep mine in the same place all the time, and just plug it in when I need to use it. The price of the chamber is £59.95, and I would say it is absolutely worth the money! There are a number of food dehydrators on the market, but many are much more expensive. I feel that if you’re like me and would just like something for drying petals - which is what I use mine for most of the time - then I think you’ll truly love it. 

I really hope you have enjoyed reading my first review as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it - if you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask! Also, if there are any items that you would like me to review, then please let me know and I will see what I can do! Elli :-) x