Ancient Almond Cake Recipe by Ana Remígio


Ancient Almond Cake Recipe


  • 9 eggs
  • 600g sugar
  • 300g peeled & ground almonds
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp wheat flour


Mix the eggs with the sugar, than the almonds and last the flour and the baking powder. Line your cake pan with greaseproof paper. Place it in the oven for around 40 minutes at 180º C.

That´s it, very very simple and so tasty.


Ingredients (For 400g)

  • 16 egg yolks
  • 500g sugar
  • 300ml water


  1. First pass the egg yolks through a fine strainer several times to remove all solid egg material
  2. In a large pan, let the sugar and the water boil for about 2 minutes, until it reaches, what we call the point pearl ( when the syrup reaches the 108º C). When it reaches the point, hold the heat medium
  3. The egg yolks are dropped into simmering sugar syrup through a special funnel with a narrow opening, which must be moved around so as to keep the strands from touching before they have hardened. The cooking should be done in small batches. The strands must be pushed down into the syrup with a slotted spoon, kept there for about 30 seconds
  4. Then they must be removed and left to cool slightly. Pass your hands through cold water and separate the strands.

That´s it, now you can decorate your cake.

Ana Mourinho Remígio

This is my favorite recipe, but just let me tell you that this is in my family for more than 100 years, this was past from generation to generation since my great-grandmother (my grandmother has 86 years and she says that this was from her grandmother).