Flower Drying Rack Review

Avatar Elli

This month, I wanted to review this fabulous flower drying rack. I've introduced a few of my friends to this product - they saw it and loved it and wanted to know where I'd found it from! So I thought it would be a good product to show those of you who haven't seen this drying rack before.

Living in the UK, I only knew about the standard, small and skinny rack, which has only one tier. It fulfilled its job well, but I found that it was never big enough - I always wished it had more arms. The picture below shows you the fabulous new racks, and my little skinny one in the front left corner. You can see the differences in size and quality!

Firstly, one of the greatest things about this rack is that even though it comes as a two-tier product, if you buy more than one set, you can add as many tiers as you dare to! You can see from the photo that I’ve chosen to expand to a 3-tier set. I find that this makes tasks much easier when making leaves and petals, etc.

I keep a 2-tier set, and also a 1-tier set for when I'm making only a few leaves, for example, and don’t need so much space. I’ve found the flower stand to be sturdy and of good quality. I have never felt the need to strap the base down with tape. Obviously, the rack may topple if you knock it by accident, but I think we all try to take great care when drying petals in this way, so you should be fine! It also has lots of little ridges on the arms to keep each petal wire separate. This is useful because it prevents the petal wires from sliding on to one another.

Another great feature of the stand is that once you've finished using it, there's no need to take it apart. All you need to do is pick it up and it folds away into a very neat sausage shape. This makes it easy to store away. When you want to use it again it simply flips back open into a stand- brilliant! This is shown in the next photo:

I bought this product on eBay from a supplier in Hong Kong for USD $4.30, and with free delivery. The supplier provided fabulous service and it only took two weeks for the product to arrive. I bought three sets, which was ample enough to make all the stands you can see in the photos. Since buying this product I've also seen that it is a product that Wilton make. They charge USD $7.78, with free shipping over $49.00, so the choice is yours! Here is the link for the Wilton stand.

I thoroughly recommend this product - if you have any questions then please do feel free to ask!

Elli :-) x

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