Facebook Blocked

With so many of us now using social media as a way to get customers it is also a way that can hurt us if we use it for the entire transaction as Alizeh came to realize also.

So when she reached out to our Cakesdecor family with her question " HELP!! CUSTOMER BLOCKED ME??" so many wonderful members came to give her some priceless advice. Even though social media makes it very easy we still need to understand that it is still an order and treat it that way.

If you are running your business like a business then you really do need a customer contract and as soon as someone contacts you, especially thru social media you should instantly ask for an email address where you can contact them so as you can send the contract and also have a place where you can contact if for some reason social media goes down or like in this situation the lady blocked her.

I know we all want to be trusting but reality is we just cannot. Have a contract, it does not have to be a complicated one but one where your terms are laid out and it is also a place to store all the information for your cake order so nothing is lost. You should have things like their name, date of delivery, address and time of delivery, a phone number and all the details of the cake along with a deposit that you should receive no later than 30 days prior or if it is a very late request ask for the deposit immediately and final payment within 5-7 days or delivery. This is just a quick guideline but you get the idea, you set the terms but make sure you stick to the contract and so does the customer.

We would love to hear what you think on this matter and any advice for other members is always welcome.