Hot hands modeling chocolate

I came across hot hands modeling chocolate a little less than a year ago and the from the first time I touched Hot Hands, I Ioved it and the taste is simply wonderful. Now I have to be honest and tell you that I hardly ever use modeling chocolate but I have tried a few varying brands and even made my own but because my hands are like hot plates I always have a problem. I have literally melted faces off of figurines while trying to work on them and have tried all the tricks and advice I have been given to stop my hands being so hot but to no avail.

So when I got given a chance to work with this new supposedly more heat resistant modeling chocolate I was super excited. Now I still have not used it I am sure to it's full potential but from what I have done with it so far it has worked beautifully. I did still have a couple of times that when I worked a piece just a little too long in my hands it still got a bit greasy but overall still better than any others I have tried and it does not claim to be Sharon Spradley Hands proof, lol.

My Kookaburra cake for the World animal day collaboration was created entirely (except the tail) using Hot Hands modeling chocolate and I had no problems with it at all. It came out totally seamlessly, each feather hand cut then using a feather veiner they were texturized. I had very slight gripping thru my pasta roller but nothing that slowed me down or caused any problems.

When Dorothy Klerk came this year to my studio to teach we also used hot hands in a 50/50 mix with satin ice and each seem blended beautifully. I am currently working on a bigger piece that will be totally done with Hot hands modeling chocolate and again perfect in every way. It has also rolled lovely thru my pasta roller and easily rolled by hand unlike another I tried one time.

So for me this is my brand of choice for the pieces I will be working on in the future. I am so grateful to Nathalie Sorensen for coming up with this great product and giving me hope that a small detailed figurine might be possible for me in the near future.

Dorothy Klerck shark
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Cakes decor member Carla Puig's favorite thing!

Rainbow Dust powdered edible colours

I dedicate myself to making human busts with modelling chocolate and one of the things that I love most is painting the face and doing the makeup.

My favourite painting product is without a doubt, the Rainbow Dust powder edible colours. They offer a huge range of colours in lustre, glitter and matte texture, and you can use it alone or mix them to create the exact colour you want.

These powders are very versatile because you can use them in powder or you can also mix them with white alcohol (like vodka).

For example, I use the powder to make the blush of the cheeks and the eyeshadow as if it were cosmetics. Also I use it in powder when I want to create shadows or give depth to some zones, i.e. inside the ear, the nose or parts of the hair.

And, when I need to paint the iris, the brows, the lips or anything that needs to be opaque, I mix the powder with vodka, and the colour acquires a different texture. Adding more or less vodka the consistency varies.

The only thing you need to do is practice and find the way that suits you best or combine techniques for a more complete work.