Should we charge more for wedding cakes???

Well I guess I am going to address another controversial question but hopefully this time I express it correctly and not stir the pot too much.

Should bakers charge more if a client says the cake is for a wedding, now that is the question? Many, many bakers do and I get it. I do very few wedding Cakes as the stress of doing them almost gives me a heart attack. But like most, I know that this is really where the money is in our business. I have been told that eventually the nerves go away when doing them, but heck I could be dead from a heart attack by then, lol.

But I truly do see a big difference in a birthday cake and a wedding cake. I think we all aim for a nice clean, crisp cake with our work being it’s best, but truly let’s be honest will a 1 yr. old remember or even notice if his/her cake had a slight air bubble in it or that the fondant was not perfect with crisp, sharp edges? No, is the answer to that question, and honestly most customers do not see our mistakes or imperfections , only we do as we are our own worst critics.  But I can assure you a bride is much more apt to notice and care and so she should. This is the biggest day of her life and I am sure both bride and groom are hoping this is the only time they need a wedding cake. So for me if there was a slight imperfection with a birthday cake sure I would care, even try to hide it or fix it but for a wedding cake I would rip the fondant off and start all over again. With this being one of the biggest days of these 2 peoples life’s I want to make sure their cake is as perfect as can be. Extra time, better ingredients in some cases or for different flavors, extra stress and in some cases more time in design and consultation. And then once you get to the venue the setup is also usually way much more time than a birthday cake, especially if you are adding flowers and or having to stack on site. All of those things I believe should be factored in.

So many of us cakers underprice our cakes as it is, which is also not doing our industry any good, we are undervaluing ourselves all the time. But I get it, if your area is like mine they are just not willing to pay more than $6 a slice for a birthday cake, but my brides would for sure as this is a very popular area for weddings. Brides are expecting to pay a little more for their wedding cake, they expect that we will take more time and care making their wedding cake which will be the centerpiece of their wedding. Most brides search around and read a lot of articles and books on things like the cost of a dress, caterer, etc. and know already that the cake will make quite a dent in their wedding budget. You are not being sly or unfair by charging more you are probably really only asking what we really all should ask on all the other Cakes we make.

I know some bakers have a standard price then use up charges for everything they add on. For me I really see it as being no different than just charging more per slice it is just a different way of getting to the same price per slice. It instead just lists everything in detail that the bride is paying for instead of one standard fee. One set price then a detailed list of up-charges might work best in your area or be the normal in your area, other places charging per slice might be more expected.

But for me this is truly how I see it… no one has a right to tell you what you should or should not charge for your cakes. No matter which system you use I think as long as you get paid what you are worth then you are doing what is right, for you. It is your business, you run it however you see fit, and you know what works for you, your area and your business in order to stay in business!

Big, big hugs,
Shags   xoxoxo

We would love to hear all your input or what system you use below in the comments section but please keep it all respectful to all. We all have differing opinions on things and thankfully have sites like this where we can discuss them so please keep it all civil.