Collaboration Station November 2016

Cuties A Very Supernatural Collaboration

We created this collaboration as we are all big fans of Supernatural and wanted to celebrate the launch of Season 12.

Woodland Fairies Collaboration

A collaboration by artists from all over the world to celebrate the Magical world of woodland fairies in the form of stunning cakes and sugar art!

World Animal Day Collaboration

To celebrate world animal day 2016 a small group of cake artists are featuring an animal form their home country.

Go Pink - A Collaboration of Edible Art

We are a group of 30 international cake artists who have joined together to raise money for breast cancer research.

Too Beautiful For Earth is a collaboration

Too Beautiful For Earth is a collaboration of 26 cake artists from all over the world, who have come together to honour and remember babies born sleeping or who died in the early stages of life and those lost to miscarriage.

Our group have all either experienced personal losses or are connected to the cause through someone they are close to. The love, respect and empathy shared amongst us has been very real.

Music around the world collaboration!

We are a group of sugar artists from all over the world gathered to celebrate Music International Day.

Sugar Spooks 2017 collaboration

40+ cake artist celebrate Halloween through cakes

Sugar Art Zombies collaboration

A small group of zombie loving cake pals from across the world embracing all things zombie and the return of our favourite series The Walking Dead!

Tickle My Bones Collaboration

Over 30 International sugar collaborators contributed some FABULOUS
pieces in this pre-Halloween special made just for you! Bones, bones and
more bones ..... such beautiful designs to get you ready!!

Cakenstein's Monsters collaboration

Cake collaboration based on the Universal Monster movies. With a bit of horror, found elsewhere, thrown in and a piece based on the wonderful, David Lynch!