Help needed for best cake storage and freezing method!

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On CakesDecor we have over 38 000 members, all with varying degrees of experience, so I think it is nice when some one comes on and asks a question because I am a big believer in paying things forward. Believe me when I first started out 5 years ago I needed all the help I could get and still do today, just in different areas than then. When we get posts like this one from Happenalong  who needed help with the best cake storage and freezing method,  I love that some of our finest members came to her rescue. If anyone else has any advice I am sure it would still be more than welcomed,  please either leave it below in the comments section or go to the original post by clicking Here. Now we just need to encourage these members to actually post their cakes for all of us to see. I know when I first found CakesDecor I was too scared to show any of my work. But today I am so glad I eventually did, we here at CakesDecor love seeing all sugar art, big or small, it does not have to be magazine cover worthy or a 3D gravity defying show piece for us to love it, remember we all started somewhere, no one here will ever be made fun of, we only want to embrace and encourage our members!