MYOM- Make Your Own Molds

Can I just say I am in love with this product.

 I have been using store bought mold making materials from the clay department in our craft stores here in the USA for many years but when a good friend put me onto MYOM products, things really changed. So far I have only used the Silicone plastique which comes in 2 parts, part A is white and part B is blue, so very much like the others I have used just different in color. What I have found however is I think MYOM cures much faster.

The way this works as well as the other brands I have used is you take equal amounts of part A and B and you then mix them together thoroughly so as there is no marbling and just one consistent color thru the entire piece. Once at this stage you are now ready to start molding. Depending on what you are molding will determine what process you use to mold your item. For instance I needed the glass top to a Crown Royal bottle molded so as I could create an Isomalt version for my cake. For this I just encased the entire piece in the mold material except the small bottom plug section. Once on I let it sit for about 3 hours just to make sure it was cured all the way thru. I then used an exacto knife to cut down both sides of the mold to the widest point and then pushed the top out of the mold and ended up with a perfect mold of my top. I then used a rubber band to hold the mold together and poured the Isomalt in, waited till it was all set and then pulled out a perfect replica of the Crown Royal top. My customer loved that the top looked just like glass and it was all too easy!

I also mold lots of things like jewelry, buttons and wooden molding. If it is a flat item I make sure to place my item flat side down adhered with a little double sided dot so as it does not move then place the mold material over it until it is nicely covered about 1/4 inch thick and covers the item completely. If surface is not plat then I do the reverse and place the mold material down on a flat surface then place my item into it while still trying to get the top surface as even as possible. Curing time varies on the temperature of your location, I usually try to place my items on something that I can take out into the sun as I found that usually cures the mold much faster (about 20min), if in a cooler room it could take up to a few hours depending on the thickness of you mold material around your item.

MYOM has another mold making item called Copyflex which can be poured over your item, I have not tried it yet but will be doing so in the future. I love making my own molds it allows my cakes to have a more unique and individual touch. MYOM is great for team cakes where you might be able to get something that has their logo on it that you can mold or adding a very unique button to a corset cake or baby shower cake. The things you can mold for your cakes is truly endless and I recommend everyone trying it at some point as it is so super easy. 

Cost of making your own molds vary from the store bought versions here in the US being around $20, using a coupon can cut that in half. If doing store bought, make sure you get the food safe one, that is usually the white and purple one. If buying from MYOM they are already food grade safe and you can buy in all different quantities, the more you buy the cheaper it gets. MYOM also has step by step instructions and online videos to help you as well as other products that can help you to get a better mold with certain things like porous items.

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MYOM can make sure you get the molds you want, no more buying molds you
don't use, now you can make your own, you could even start selling those molds you create like I did with my bark, basket weave and round weave molds.
I cannot wait to see what you guys create by making your own molds, I hope you will post them below along with the cake so as we can see them!

Make Your Own Molds

Ivone - Sugar Penguin Cakery's Favorite thing!


One of my absolute favorite tools that I cannot live without is my celpin.  This tool also come in different sizes from Small to XXL.  Because of its not-stick properties, this tool is very ideal in sugar flower making and to work with fondant and gumpaste.  

I love the medium size in particular as it works very well in thinning my petals when I make sugar flowers. The blunt end acts the same way as the ball tool. 

The XL celpin works beautifully for thinning rose petals, with just one quick stroke.  

The other use for the celpin is for opening up the center of my filler flowers, also for texturing, veining and ruffling.