White Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste Review

Hi Everyone!

In this month's product review I am very excited to tell you all about a modelling paste that I've tested, made by 'The Cake Duchess'. It's a truly fantastic product! 

I have a few different pastes that I like to use when making flowers and figures etc., but I decided to try this paste because I wanted something specific to make cute models, and oh my goodness - this product definitely does what it says on the tin!! 

Firstly, when you open the tub, you're greeted with a fabulous and brilliant white paste. The paste is very firm to begin with, but once you start to knead it, its texture becomes very pliable, but somehow still manages to hold its shape. Below, you can see a little Christmas scene that I made to test this paste.

When colouring paste, I usually leave it overnight to achieve a good colour, but this time I decided to colour it and then model with it straightaway. This was to test how well it would hold up. It was very easy to colour-in, maintained its texture, and didn't even get sticky! I can't even begin to tell you how fabulous this paste is! Everything you see in the photo below was made with The Cake Duchess paste immediately after colouring - even the delicate snowflakes! 


Another amazing thing I found was that when making the reindeer, I could return an hour or so later and tweak bits that I wasn't happy with. The paste was still pliable enough to allow me to do this without causing damage. The reindeer's antlers were quite heavy, so I inserted wires into them and left them on a flat surface for only 10 minutes and then just glued them on. They didn't bend or flop at all. This paste really does hold its shape! I genuinely love it and currently have 3 tubs in my little stock pile because I don't want to run out of it!

You can buy this paste from The Cake Decorating Company for the very reasonable price of £11.99. I purchase products from this company very often - they are fabulous, and also deliver very quickly. 

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Also, one last thing! You may already know of the brilliant Etty from The Cake Duchess, who is the creator of this fantastic paste. When I contacted her to inform her that I would be doing this review, she very kindly donated a 1kg tub of modelling paste to give away to one of our members - so a big thank you to Etty!! Stay tuned, we'll launch the giveaway soon ;)

Here is a link to the Cake Duchess website. You will find a wealth of adorable and very cute free tutorials!! http://cakedutchess.net/

Thank you! Elli :-) x