Collaboration Station

The Great Pumpkin; 50 years of Halloween tradition

2016 marks the 50 year anniversary of this classic movie created by
Charles Schultz. A favorite of many! Please take a moment to view the
work of some amazing sugar artist that took time from their busy
schedule to create cakes in that embody the fun and happiness of this
Peanuts classic!

CPC Halloween Collaboration

In 2016 the creative minds of cake decorators and sugar artists
worldwide, came together to celebrate Halloween 2016, all members of the
CPC Group.

Sugar Skull Bakers 2016

Dia de los Muertos tradition honored by Cake Decorators The Sugar Skull Bakers - a group collaboration of cookie, sugar, cake decorators, and artists from around the world. For the fourth year the group brings its tradition to life with a beautifully curated collection of sweets honoring the 3500 year old Mexican holiday –Dia de los Muertos, The Day of the Dead. Sugar skull Bakers 2016, we are 180+ amazing artists from around the world, who love to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, we reunite every year, each artist collaborates a
beautiful piece all made out of cake, fondant, chocolate, modeling
chocolate, candy clay, all sculpted to wonderful edible art! Even death
tastes sweet!!!

CPC Shoe Collaboration

Sugar Myths and Fantasies 2.0

Where imagination meets sugar. There is a world of possibilities at our fingertips, we need only to dream.

PDCA Caker Buddies Dessert Table Collaboration

Monthly collab Of Polka dots cakes academy students, nurtured with friendships formed over caking!!!