How can one gain more customers/business

CakesDecor is a very diverse site filled with cake decorators of all skill levels and time in the business, so for new comers like The Cake Venue I want you to know there is usually always someone with wonderful input that will help with your questions.

So the question asked was "how can one gain more customers/business",now we all know this is a bit of a tricky one as every area is different and what works for one person might no work for another but  I think most of us would agree that most social media sites are free and have worked well for us. Just getting your name out there really helps and places like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have business pages that you can set up and are all free. Facebook also allows you to advertise for a fee but can get word out to your local area. You can also try placing an add in your local paper for very little money. Word of mouth I think is always best as it can spread like wild fire.


I did suggested adding those magnetic signs onto her vehicle, I used them for a quite a few years however I did get little business from them, but like I said above all areas are different. My business is all word of mouth so keep putting out great products, sign up for things like Icing smiles or do a cake for your school in some way,  teacher appreciation day, child's class room or for a school event will get your cakes in a lot of peoples mouths and that is what will get you business. You can also provide for a church event or make a cake for a local childcare center and make sure you drop off your business cards at the same time. Every time you can get your cake in someone's mouth that is a potential client.

I donated a cake once to a relay for life event, they had asked many people to donate and therefore ended up with way too much food. My cake was stunning, in fact so pretty no one wanted to cut it. I got not one customer out of that cake because no one ate it, make sure if you are giving cake to those types of events the cake is eaten, pretty cakes don't usually get customers , great tasting ones do!

If anyone else has anymore wonderful advice for The cake venue I am sure she would be more than grateful so please post below. Remember we are always here for you guys if you have any questions. We have almost 40, 000 members so I am sure many of us have a way to help.