Magnetic color dusts containers and board

I, like many others, am always trying to find ways to make life just that little bit easier. So after ordering a full set of Crystal Color dusts I realized I had a problem, not only were there a lot of them but I also had no where to store so many little containers and also that you could not tell what color they were once you put them in something. So I knew I needed to get much more creative and this was my solution. 

I decided to buy a large magnetic board off of Amazon along with some heavy duty magnets and see if my idea would actually work. And to my surprise it is just the most perfect solution ever. After having quite a few cake decorators thru my house this weekend after classes and them seeing my board and getting the most amazing compliments of genius, I thought you all needed to see this also. I can truly tell you it really is and will be yours too, my most favorite thing.

Once my colors arrived I opened all my containers and then hot glued a magnet in each lid, you could also use double sided dots if you like. I hung my magnetic board on my wall then added each dust container onto the board. Each container now faces bottom out and each color is easily viewed without having to pick up each and every container to try and find the one I need. 

Both boards and magnets vary in size and price, my board is 30 inches x 14 inches and will hold at least 200 small dust containers. My board also came with a magnetic white board and marker which I use to write down any colors that I need to order on my next purchase so as I do not forget. It was a little time consuming to put together but well worth the time I will now save by not having to search for colors any more.