Merry Christmas everyone!

Animated Merry Chritmas Ecard 2013 1

Well lovelies it is that time again , can you believe it? 

Time just flies by these days and I know so many of you are just like me and can never find enough time in the day as it is without adding in extra time for Christmas shopping and preparing a gorgeous Christmas dinner. But oh what a fabulous time of the year, I just love Christmas time! There always seems to be just so much more joy in the world during this season, even when we are frazzled and crazy busy I think people are just that little bit kinder. How I wish we did not need a special season for it to be that way! 

But for us here at CakesDecor I always feel blessed, blessed to be part of such a wonderful community that supports and encourages each other all year round. I truly consider our fabulous little website and our members as family, and like all families we may not always get along, agree on what each other says or even at times talk to each other but our love for cake and cake decorating always brings us together. The one thing that always impresses me with CakesDecor is that you do not have to be a big named caker for people here to love your work, hit the top 3 or to get your work featured in the Gazette. 

We love all cakes from the big and fancy to the every day birthday cakes. That is what makes our site so special, we have the ability to feature so many fantastic cake artists, many who we then follow as we love their work so much and many times even end up getting to know thru the internet and often get meet in real life also. It has been thru this site alone that I have met my closest and dearest friends, people who have that same love and passion for the one thing that truly gives me unconditional joy...cake decorating!

In this special time of year I hope you will all reach out to those you have met here on CakesDecor and make sure you give them a big hug. Let them know how important they are to you and how much you love their friendship. Let's keep making CakesDecor the best cake site  there is to post on. Let's continue to enjoy and share each others creativity, hard work and dedication. In my interview with the ever so lovely Nathasja Flapper this month she says she loves CakesDecor because she has NEVER had one bad comment. This is what makes our family so wonderful, you guys are simply the best family members to have and I cannot thank you enough for always being so kind and supportive to each other.

From Michal, Martin, Elli and myself we truly want to wish you all an absolutely wonderful Christmas. We appreciate your support and your sharing with us each year of your fabulous works of art. Our site would not exist without you and we love each and every one you, have a safe and happy holidays everyone!

Big Christmas hugs to all,
Shags xoxoxo