Review: Turntable Expander By Innovative Sugar Works

Avatar Elli

Hi everyone!

This month I am reviewing the Turntable Expander By Innovative Sugar Works and I absolutely love it!!

When we ganache our cakes we need a good flat surface on our turntables. If we ganache small cakes the turntable on its own will suffice but if we ganache larger cakes we are going to require a larger surface area in order to go around the cake comfortably with a scraper.

I have spoken to a few cake ladies and they say when ganaching large cakes they use a cutting board or large cake board to rest on the turntable, which is ok, but it can move and slide around or even tip over so it's not always ideal.

This is where the expander comes in! It works with every standard 12' turntable. It has a hole with a lip underneath which will slot onto your turntable and simply secure itself. I found it sits even better if you put a nonslip mat on your turntable first, this makes it extremely secure, It's fantastic! It has circles on the top surface measuring from 4' right up to 20' so you can centre your cakes perfectly!

If you use the upside down method it's so easy to remove and flip your cake over especially as the expander is so light! It also has hand grips all the way around so you can carry cakes with ease, and the large surface makes this a brilliant piece of equipment for moving your cakes around. It's super easy to clean too! All in all a fabulous piece of equipment to add to your cake tools!

If you would like to add this item to your Christmas list you can purchase the expander from The Cake Decorating Co. for a very reasonable £33.95 or on Amazon here.

The wonderful Cake Decorating Co. have been amazing and very kindly sent me one of these expanders to giveaway to one of our CakesDecor members - so a massive thank you to them! Please stay tuned to the CakesDecor Gazette page on facebook to see how you can win this fabulous item! It's here ready and waiting to be sent to the lucky winner, good luck to all of you!!

Elli :-) x