New Cake Shows and Events List

After spending holidays with friends and family, we all are ready for the new year adventure. 2017 is a great year for cake shows and we have compiled a list of all Cake Shows and Events for you so make sure you check out our upcoming events page and find a show near year. 

I am encouraging you all to try and make at least one show this year but more importantly I want you to all compete. Step out of your comfort zone and take a chance and have fun. Remember it is not if you win or lose but to show yourself you can. 

Cake shows are also a way to meet some of your cake idols but even better cake friends. Take a few classes they don't have to be big full day classes you can just do a demo, anything is better than nothing and I am sure you will learn so much and have a total blast doing it. 

Make the most out of 2017 by pushing your self and your designs to the limits, challenge yourself and be creative. You all are so fabulous and I cannot wait to see what you all come up with this year!