Happy New Year and welcome 2017!

Welcome 2017, I am so excited to see what this new year has in store for everyone! 

There are some amazing new products coming our way that I think will become not just mine but also your new favorite things. Some fabulous collaborations are in the works and I think this year will be the best year ever for all the cake shows around the world with our industry growing so fast.

CakesDecor also just keeps growing and growing so cannot wait to see all the wonderful cakes that you all will be sharing with us. 

The new year is always a time when many of us make new years resolutions to lose weight, find a better job, quit smoking or maybe just to try and do more wedding cakes.  Last year mine was to lose weight and I am happy to say I am now 60 pounds lighter, it was not easy but I can say it was worth every bit of hunger I went thru, lol. This year my resolution is to become a better person, work on my self and try and fix some things I do not like about myself. So I am excited for this year, I do not for one minute think it will be easy but I hope this time next year I can be just as happy with my personal growth as I am with my weight loss from this year. 

Sometimes we get in a rut with life and need a good kick up the butt to get backon track. So I love a new year it gives us the perfect time to try and start fresh, to try to make things better for ourselves and our family. I hope no matter what your resolution is you succeed.

If you had a New Year’s resolution last year and succeeded we would love to hear about it. Who 

knows maybe your story will inspire someone else who is trying to do the same thing.

Sweet wishes xoxoxo, Shags