Collaboration Station

Sweet World Carnival Collaboration

Welcome to sweet world carnival collab organized by Aroma de Azúcar. We have assembled 33 large cake designers from all over the world to create a carnival sweet full of color and joy! Each and every one of the pieces are extraordinary, with an incredible talent. We hope you like it!

Sweet Valentine Collaboration

Welcome on the page of Fondant Cake-Topper Sweet Valentine Valentine Collaboration 2017.
Bakers making cakes for Valentine.

Give peace a chance collaboration

Amazing 30 Turkish Sugar Artists come together to give a message of peace by making sugar creations!

Unfortunately the war ,violence ,attacks, terrorism, tortures, massacres are the bad reality of the new world system. All these are targeting the human rights, morals, ethics , efficiency and global economy. In the latest years so many terrorist attacks in several countries and cities.

The world need unity and solidarity.
Create a Visible Change and Give Peace a Chance.