Cakes Collaboration Station

Carnival cakers - Venetian carnival

We are a group of International Sugar Artists that have come together to celebrate Carnival over social media. Carnival Cakers, an annual collaboration, focuses on one country / region per year, with this year being the Venice Carnival in Italy. Come, join us as we celebrate the Venetian Carnival through our sugar art. Each piece of artwork you see is edible, and dare I say sweet!

Sugar Art Museum collaboration

Welcome to our page Sugar Art Museum. Our love for art decided to make a sugar museum.


Welcome to Sweet World Carnival Collab organized by Aroma de Azúcar. We have gathered 33 great cake designers from all over the world to create a sweet carnival full of color and joy!

World Cancer Day Sugarflowers and Cakes in Bloom

Sugar flower artists from all arround the world raising awareness for World cancer day.

Fondant Cake-Topper Sweet Valentine Collaboration 2017

Welcome on the page of Fondant Cake-Topper Sweet Valentine Valentine Collaboration 2017.
Bakers making cakes for Valentine.

Cuties Love is Love Collaboration

We are very excited to welcome you to the the Cuties latest collaboration 'Love is Love'. We wanted to celebrate this Valentines Day with the message that you should be free to love whomever you wish, regardless of sexual preference, race or religion. To celebrate ALL love, be it the love of a parent, old love, young love...

World Cancer Day 2017