This month I asked one of my dearest friends, Hannah Edwards if she would share with us her new favorite thing. It works out she just happened to have the chance to use a tool I am dying to get my hands on as I have seen it advertised for over a year now. Luckily for anyone going to Soflo, Miami, USA you will be able to get your hands on this unique little tool then...and I for one cannot wait! Thank you hannah for your great feedback on this amazing little tool!


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Hannah Edwards - Singh

Hannah Edwards - Singh favorite thing!

I was given the opportunity to play with a working prototype dragéekíss™. A dragée what? A   dragéekíss™! 

This amazingly simple yet brilliantly effective little tool  literally ‘kisses’ dragées on to your cake 180 at a time! 

Now before I tell you about this tool you have to understand my pathological hatred of tiny, irritating sugar balls. I hate chasing them round and  round trying to pick them up, i can’t stand trying to get one positioned  between my fingers in order to land the perfect placement  on the cake and that ‘ting ting ting’ sound every time one hits the floor drives me to distraction. Even with tweezers I still end up with 10 on the floor for every one I end up actually getting on the cake.

So imagine that – someone invented a tool to solve the problem! It had to be too good to be true. 

The   dragéekíss™ holds  180 sugar balls at 3, 4 or 5mm in the  hopper. You simply load the hopper and off you go. It has a spring-loaded action that pushes the dragées down the barrel and out through a silicone nozzle right slap bang where you want it. No fuss, no fiddling, precision placement time after time, and that’s 180 times before you even have to think about stopping and re-loading. If the sugar balls occasionally get themselves stuck together you just give the hopper a quick shake to get them all going again. 

I chose to test this little magic tool to the max by sculpting a 24 inch standing big cat and blinging every single bit of it in dragées. Ok to be fair I was incredibly naïve and had no idea just how long it would take, it seemed like a really cool idea and I knew that if the  dragéekíss™ could survive this, it could survive anything. 

So here’s the truth, 34.5hrs later when I’d finally finished placing 1.2kg of dragées that brilliant little tool not only survived when i struggled with exhaustion, back ache and repetitive strain issues,  it was as perfect at the end of the project as when it started. It’s easy cleaned and as many times as I loaded the hopper it just kept pushing out the dragées. Its simplicity really is its strength. The silicone nozzle at the front end grips the dragée until you place it where you want, the thumb hold at the other end makes working the spring action easy.  It literally does exactly what it promises. 

I was asked to write the positives and negatives about this tool, I’m searching around for the negatives.... the only negative I can think of is why is it not out on the market yet because now the prototype has gone back to its owner I’m left trying to get those irritating little sugar balls onto the cakes one by one by floor by one.  Sheesh..... 

Hannah Edwards