Interview with Mladen Mandzhukov

The part of my job I love best is being able to interview some of the most fabulous and talented people in our industry. We here at Cakesdecor are so lucky to have these wonderful artists as part of our growing family.

This month we all get to learn a little bit more about the truly gifted Mladen Mandzhukov. Super easy on the eyes if I must say so myself but just as talented that is for sure. I always love the way he infuses his cake with so much color and always pictured to perfection. It is so hard to believe this lovely guy has only been doing cakes for such short time, however you can really see his passion for what he does in every sugary masterpiece he creates.

I think you all will love getting to know him just as much as I did and hope that if you are not already following him you will pop on over and show him some sugar , sweet kindness.

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