Finally going home!


Many of you may know already that I was born and raised in Australia hence my business name Curiaussiety Cakes, lol. I started travelling Internationally at the age of 24 and at 28 I was blessed to have met my hubby. Since then we have had 4 beautiful children who I have dedicated my life to ever since. With that said, that included not being able to go back home to Australia. Too expensive to travel with that many children and they were all too little to go just by myself. My husband was military for 20 years and is now retired, but that too made going home even more harder. But finally I am so grateful to say, "I am  going home"  for my first visit in almost 19 years, WOOHOO!

I have been so lucky to have been asked to be one of the instructors at the first ever International Cake Show Australia which this year will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, where I did most of my schooling. I cannot wait to see how much one of my gorgeous home cities has changed and yet hopefully stayed the same. I know there are many of our Cakesdecor members who may have very similar circumstances like me. Where we have married someone from another country, or spouses job required them to move. If so I would imagine you find it just as hard as I have. My heart goes out to you lovelies I know it is not easy.

It actually saddened me the other day when it was brought to my attention that Australians might not think of me as an Aussie anymore. I was truly heartbroken! All these years there has not been one single day where I have not yearned to go home. Cried many, many nights from being home sick to the core. So I truly hope that what was said to me is not true. Yes, I may have left Oz in body but my heart and soul will always be 100% Aussie.

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So if you have the chance in May to go to the International Cake show Australia I hope you will come up and see me as well as all the other remarkably talented artists that are coming. There will be a 2 day live challenge in which I will be competing with 2 other amazingly talented artists Aussie's, Trina Thomson and  Heidi Dahlenburg. The three of us make up the  team Australia. Our competition is team Europe, with 3 of cakes décor finest.... Dorothy Klerk, Hannah Edwards and Kim Wiltjer. If I was to say I was not scared I would be lying. To be surrounded by so much extraordinary talent is just mind blowing. But do not get me wrong, I will be smack talking them trying to throw them off their game, lol!

And to put a cherry on top of that I will finally get to meet some of our Cakesdecor family like Daniel Diéguez and Nathasja Flapper. As well as meet up with old friends such as the beautiful Calli Hopper, Shayne Greenman, Dawn Parrot, Benny Rivera, Greg Cleary and many more. This show will be a show that you just cannot miss. I know many of you that don't live in Australia always say it is one place you would love to visit. Well stop making excuses and book that plane ticket and come, lol. What a better time to travel than when there is a wonderful cake show on where you can take classes from some of the finest in the industry.

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Now if you live in Oz you know you just must come. It maybe your once in a life time chance to take a class with some of these artists so make sure you book your seat. Some classes have already sold out and many more very close. The Saturday night gala event is also already sold out but they will put you on a wait list incase some come available. I truly hope I will see you there.

But also do not forget there are many shows happening around the world so if Australia is out maybe you can find one much closer. Make sure you take a look at our cake shows and competition section so as you can find one near you. Soflo in Miami is this month, Sugar arts showcase in May and New York cake show in June and that is just the ones here in the USA, there are many more around the world, such as Cakes International London and you must go. Cake shows are fun in every way but if you too get a chance to compete you should. It will challenge you and really give you a sense of accomplishment. We also love seeing all of your competition pieces here on Cakesdecor.

Hope you all have a wonderful month and look forward to seeing all of your wonderful creations.

Sweet wishes, 
Shags xoxoxo