Mona Lisa fondant

A few months back I had been hearing a little chatter about a new fondant called Mona Lisa. Quite a few of my friends were swearing by it, so I thought heck, I have to get my hands on some of this and see how it really works.

Well I must say it is truly heavenly to work with. Right now you buy it as a 20lb bucket which has 2 vacuum sealed 10lb packages which are super fresh. It feels quite hard at first but with just a few needs it is perfectly pliable and ready to use.  It rolls out so easily and you can get it super thin still without any ripping. I also have worked with a few fondants that if you have an air bubble in your fondant while rolling it and you have to prick it to release the air, that the fondant no matter how much you keep rolling it you can still see that tiny pin prick. Well not with Mona Lisa the first roll over and it was gone. I use ganache on 90% of my cakes.  So I must say I was a little worried about how thin I rolled my fondant. But it was absolutely no problem at all, even with quilting in it none of the puckering marks went thru the fondant or elephant skinned.

Now there are couple of down sides as well. Unfortunately right now it only comes in 2 colors, white and chocolate. But additional colors are coming out very, very soon. But the biggest problem right now is how hard it is to purchase. As of right now the other store fronts that are carrying it are all in San Antonio, Texas. If you live anywhere else for right now you can only purchase it on CK products webpage here is the link Mona Lisa Fondant. The only down fall to that is also that you must have a tax ID to but from CK products and not all states require us to have one of those. But if you do you truly must try this fondant.

It is also not available in all countries but as a new fondant that too will change as the word grows about great this fondant is. The price point is a little higher than most, around $60- $80 thru CK, but when you can roll it as thin as you can with this fondant it will go twice as far, I can tell you that from working with it. So you pay a little more but for a product that works like a gem. Mona Lisa says you can get 2,  5-6 layered wedding cakes out of just one 20lb bucket and I can tell you they are about right. This is one of the very few fondants I have worked with that made covering a cake a total breeze. I covered 3 cakes quicker than I would usually one with absolute ease.

So like most things it has it's pro's and cons and the cons are all being fixed with new colors coming and the availability of it in cake decorating stores and such very much in the works. So if you get the chance to get your hands on it you must give it a go you will never work with anything else after you have worked with Mona Lisa. Oh and I forgot to mention how delicious the taste is also. You can definitely tell the ingredients are top quality. I am a firm believer in "you get what you paid for" and with this fondant you are getting nothing but the best!!!


Above is my creation I did for a Bridal shower last weekend. All tiers using Mona Lisa Fondant.