Sweet Gumpaste Lavender Tutorial


  • 26g green wire
  • Second size Daisy Marguerite cutter and small size flower cutter, wire cutters
  • Dresden tool, ball tool
  • Rolling pin
  • Flower foam pad
  • Gum paste in purple
  • Corn starch
  • Crisco Powder colors(foliage green, American violet- from Sugar flair, myrtle, Violet, edelweiss from Squires Kitchen)
  • Powdered sugar
  • Gum paste storage board


When you have the materials together, start with cutting the wire in 3 equal parts and prepare the little flowers. They could be stored under the gum paste storage board or plastic foil.

I used the second size Daisy for the big flowers and divided them in half, before I attached them to the wire.  After you filled the wires with the bigger flowers to the desired size, you can randomly attach the little flowers to the petals.

My second version of the Lavender:

There for I use the same daisy cutter and prepared some flowers in advance (quick advice: do not role the paste to thin) Work the same way and use the progress picture for number information.

Lavender Tutorial 13
Lavender Tutorial 14

When they are dry, prepare the colors for dusting. Use foliage green and myrtle  for the green area.

Use violet, Edelweiss and African violet for the Lavender petals. After dusting please steam.

Thank you and sweet greetings
Oana (Cakes by Oana)

Lavender Tutorial 19