Editors choice: Walk About cake by Jenny Kennedy

I know I have said this before but I honestly think in the 3 years I have been editor of the Gazette this month truly was the hardest decision ever as to whom I chose for the Editor's choice Award.

Ultimately it just came down to my heart chose.

As an Aussie, this cake by Jenny Kennedy of Jenny's Haute Cakes just captured everything Australian to me. I love that she did not just take the easy way out and print off some picture's and stuck them on. Jenny hand painted every mural on this cake and did it all too perfection. Her use of vibrant colors and the true Australian wilderness just makes everyone want to go to Australia and visit, and so they should. The native Australian aboriginal on top show cases our beautiful heritage along with the lovely Aboriginal art work on the sides of her cubes. The design is unique and creative just like the Australian culture. No wonder Jenny took out Gold for her "Walk About" for ACADA Australia Collab work of art and being the first ever show online collaboration I am positive she made not just the ADADA cake show proud but also every body else that competed!