HCP Cake Pop Easy Roller Review

I was so happy to give this HCP cake pop roller a go as cake pops have been my nemesis for all these years. I know I am not the only one that can say that, lol.

But silly me really not reading all the directions properly, I just thought I could smoosh up some cake and throw it in the machine a Voila, instant cake pops. That is not the case as I found out. Nope you do have to follow the directions. I think they probably should have put the "cake pop" dough instructions on the top of the direction page however, as that is where I first started and missed the instructions that I had to add frosting as this was at the bottom of the page. Again silly me though, I should have known that that was a necessary part of cake pops, lol.

So the first time needless to say was a super fail. However after going back and reading thru all the directions and watching a youtube video on it, I had much better success. Most of my balls came out quite well. I had a few here or there that were a little wonky but each time I re-tried I got better and better results. I think the real key to making this roller a super success is your cake consistency from the start. I only tried the one I had on hand, which was a scratch recipe, it is a quite dense cake from the beginning. I would say that I think the denser cake is better but like I stated before I am not a cake pop maker so those of you that make these on a regular basis know what works for you so stick with that.

If cake pops were something that I made on a consistent basis I think it would probably be worth your while . I can see how it could truly cut your work time down tremendously. I think it could take a little bit of practice to really find what works for you but after that it would be a total breeze and get things done in a third of the time. And time is money!!! So any dollar you spend to save time is a dollar worth while spending.

I love that it disassembles super easy, is dishwasher safe and that the quality of product is of the very best standard. They did not go cheap and nasty on manufacturing  which is also probably why it has a little higher price tag than some may like. I always say however, that "you truly get what you pay for" so good and sturdy for a few more dollars is always best in my book if you can afford it.

So for me this product is a winner for anyone who does cake pops on a regular basis, especially in large quantities. I can see how it would be an invaluable machine for bakeries that make cake pops as a selling item in their store also. It would definitely make things much easier for all and always make a very consistent sized ball. 

I did see in some reviews from others they thought the balls did not look like they were firm enough. So I also put that to the test in my review. Half of my balls I rolled again in my hand afterwards to make them much smoother and compacted the other half I left as is. There was no difference at all after the cake pops were coated or even during the coating process. Both held up perfectly and for one of the first times ever my balls did not fall off the stick while I was coating them.

So, thumbs up to the HCP cake pop roller and I hope that in the very near future one of you lucky members will get to win one of these wonderful machines.

Big hugs, Shags xoxo

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Here are the pictures I took of my step by step process following the HCP cake pop roller directions. I have 2 different colored pops so as I could tell the ones that I had re-rolled by hand after coming out of the machine and the ones I did not. As you can see absolutely no difference. Sorry I did not have any fancier pictures, lol.

Img 6123

HCP Mini Easy Roller

If the HCP Cake Pops Easy Roller is too big for you, feel free to the Mini Easy Roller.

You can Roll 9+/- balls at a time that are 1-1/4 inches in diameter! The 1-1/4 inch round insert comes as the standard insert with the Mini Easy Roller. Weight of each cake ball is approximately 7/8 ounce or approximately 26 grams. (weight will depend on ingredients used)The Unit is made from a food safe plastic, Delrin NSF31Save your hands from the repetitive rolling motion! The unit measures approximately 10 x 11-3/4 x 3 inches

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