Chef Rubber Confectioners Glaze Wash

While at the New York cake show this past month I had the privilege to meet the ever so talented Laura Saporiti. She has the most gorgeous paintings and I asked he what are a few of her secrets. She could not stop raving about Chef Rubbers Confectioner's glaze wash so I asked her if she would be so kind to possibly share it with us here in the gazette. So a very big thank you to Laura for sharing with us one of her favorite things!

During the recently held 5th edition of the NY Cake Show by Lisa Mansour I had the priviledge of demoing at CHEF RUBBER booth my fondant painting techniques taking advantage of the great professional quality of their products.  I used their powder fat dispersible colours and their CONFECTIONER’S GLAZE WASH as paint thinner medium and was particularly impressed by the latter one. When in Italy I normally paint onto fondant using ethyl alcohol (ethanol) at 95% volume (classed as 190% proof in the US), which is easily available in our supermarkets thanks to our tradition of producing homemade liquors as limoncello, although it’s quite expensive. I have tried several other thinning agents, like vodka or lemon extract, but ethyl alcohol still remains my favourite, since it completely evaporates very quickly leaving no smell or residue at all, strongly pushes the intensity of colours with the smallest amount possible, sterilizes the fondant surface while working and allows for an amazing control on shading effects. 

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Anyway, whenever I travel for my classes I can’t bring it with me, since it’s highly flammable and for this reason restricted on flights. Therefore I have to rely on local products and have found out that ethyl alcohol is not easily available in many Countries. In fact, the 190-proof version is prohibited in many U.S. State and this caused me some issues while teaching my particular veiling technique. For all these reasons I was extremely glad to find out about Chef Rubber glaze wash, which basically is 100% pure grain alcohol. After an instructive chat with the Company owner, Paul, he explained to me that under the FDA 21 CFR’s, one tenth of one percent  of ethyl acetate is added so it can be sold as an ingredient and not as a spirit, since its 200% proof, therefore making it available everywhere. The glaze is so-called because it’s normally used as a glaze thinner, but being perfectly food grade it also makes an excellent diluents for dust colours. Using it was absolutely flawless! I had a perfect control of the solution, with no smudging effect at all, nor any unwanted turn in the colour tone. Almost a dream, I should say, even better than the alcohol I normally use in Italy. I was so enthusiastic about it I immediately started to advice it to everybody during my classes.

Laura Saporiti xoxoxo

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