Taking some time off!

Well, you guys have probably already noticed that these last few months I have been running late getting the gazette out. Life has just become so very full with  customers, teaching, hosting instructors in my own studio as well as raising  my large family which many of you know has been very rocky for most of this year. I am happy to tell you though with lots of time off from the cake community and fb, my marriage is now stronger than ever. But just like a business unless we stay investing in it, it will fail.

So with that said  we have decided to stop the gazette ( not Cakesdecor, just the gazette ) til life can slow down and get back on track a little. Hopefully we can get it back up and working again bigger and better in the new year.

Until then we will be organizing a few little things with our members that we will be excited to announce with you very soon. I hope many will get involved as we always love to show case all as much as possible.

Cakesdecor has been the launch for so many us getting seen. I know for me, if it was not for this site and it's wonderful members I do not think I would be where I am today in this amazing industry. It has also been where many of us have met some of our closest and dearest friends. So all I can say to all is keep posting and supporting each other. I know I have been a little quiet on here lately, especially leaving comments, but I have never forgot where things began for me. I was so extremely happy that this month I finally got to meet Ana Remigio who was one of the very first people who ever commented or liked one of my cakes. She is just as lovely in person and it just warms my heart to know Cakesdecor has such gorgeous and supportive people in it.

Until the gazette is back up and running I cannot wait to keep seeing all of your fabulous work on Cakesdecor.com and hope many of you will get involved in a  few of our new adventures.

Sweet wishes my dear friends, 
Shags xoxoxo